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Solar panels are a great addition to any Barking home, providing an easy way to keep electricity bills lower while also giving you more ways to power your home. Even the simplest solar panel installation options can be a huge boon for homeowners and commercial business owners alike, giving them more flexibility in how they manage their property.

However, solar panels are not easy to install, and it can take some complex knowledge to get them working properly. Thankfully, our experts are fully equipped to tackle solar panel installation at a variety of scopes and scales, all based on what each client needs.

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We are Barking solar panel installation experts that understand what our clients are looking for. We have experience working with a huge range of solar panel system types and can deliver bespoke solar panel installations to meet the needs of every customer we take on.

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Who is Solar Panel Install?

As a professional team of solar panel installation specialists in Barking, we are fully prepared to handle all kinds of solar panel installation. Our history of working with solar PV system options has given us a huge amount of expertise and authority when working with solar PV systems of any kind.

Whether you are wanting to cut down on energy bills or just want to try and reduce your property’s carbon footprint, we can make sure that you get the solar installation you are looking for quickly and effectively. We take our work seriously, providing each client with the solar PV system that suits their needs best.

Our skills allow us to support Barking clients in any part of their solar panel system installation. We can help them find the right solar panel options for their property, guide them towards solar PV systems that fit their requirements, and act as a bespoke solar panel installer to help get the system set up right.

Why Choose Solar Panel Install?

Our expertise has allowed us to handle countless solar panel system installation jobs across a huge range of scales and styles. Each solar PV system is different, and we aim to be the best solar panel installer on the market through the support we offer our clients.

A large part of our work in Barking focuses on installing solar panels that meet each client’s requirements. We have the knowledge and skills to provide the right system for each situation, all without undermining our clients or pressuring them to choose solar panels that push them over budget.

Not only can we offer practical installation, but we can also guide clients toward the right choices for their situation. Solar panels are a complex piece of technology, and we try to help unprepared or uncertain clients get the solar panel systems that are best suited to what they are looking for.

Whether you are looking for something simple to keep electricity bills down or are focusing more on your carbon footprint, our specialists can find solar PV systems that meet your expectations. We want to ensure that every client receives a system that works as they expect, regardless of scale or specifications.

10 Years of Solar Panel Experience

With over 10 years of experience working with solar panels and solar system installation, we understand what we are doing. Our experts can tackle a huge range of solar panel installation projects, allowing each customer to get the specific solar PV panels system they are looking for.

This decade of past experience has involved us working with countless clients, delivering newly-installed solar panels to customers with all kinds of niche needs and preferences. We are able to find the ideal solar panels for every single customer, working with their specific requirements rather than against them.

Barking Based Solar Panel System Providers

We can deliver solar panel systems all across the UK, allowing any UK homeowner or business owner to get a solar panel system that works for them. We understand how important speedy installation can be, and try to limit downtime and delays whenever possible.

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What are Solar Panels?

A solar energy system is able to convert sunlight into solar energy, which can be converted and used in the same way as electricity produced by power generation plants. As a whole, solar panels allow you to produce electricity from the sunlight without requiring any direct fuel input.

While different designs can vary in terms of things like complexity and size, most domestic solar panels convert sunlight in the same general way. With the ability to store solar energy through solar batteries, they can become a reliable source of extra energy, providing numerous useful benefits.

How do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels collect sunlight and convert that sunlight into electricity, which you can convert into the standard electrical current used on most properties. This is done through solar cells, made up of layers of materials like silicon, boron and phosphorous.

The solar panels absorb photons from the sun’s rays, which produce an electrical current when the photons hit the panel surface. This forces electronics to release their electric field into a current, which can then be converted and harnessed to provide usable electricity.

Since Barking solar panels only work during the day, a solar battery storage method can allow the power to be held in reserve until it is needed. This makes even the most basic solar panel system incredibly reliable, enabling it to supplement a property’s existing power supply very well.


Solar panels need sunlight to generate electricity, and that can require some very careful positioning. To get the maximum power output (in terms of raw energy produced), you need to have solar panels installed in a way that makes sense. In general, this means solar panel arrays that are pointed in the right directions and at the right angles.

A Barking solar panel produces more energy if it gets more sunlight, which means that having solar panels installed in the right places can make a dramatic difference.

For example, a south-facing solar panel at a 30-degree angle will generate the most electricity per day, although this will not always be exactly possible, depending on the shape and design of your home’s roof.

We can provide the support you need to get the maximum generated electricity out of your solar panels. There are multiple ways to make solar systems more efficient and effective, and our experts know how important even the smallest changes can be if you are looking for maximum power output with every panel.

Solar Power Conversion

Before the power generated by solar PV panels can be used, it needs to be converted. A solar array sends direct current (DC) electricity into a battery bank or other storage method, but that DC electricity is not usable by most home appliances or systems.

To use this generated electricity, the DC electricity has to be turned into alternating current (AC) electricity. This is done through an inverter, a separate part of the same system that can turn DC into AC electricity that most properties can actually use.

While there are some applications for DC energy, most domestic solar panels require an inverter to be of any use. Additions such as solar battery storage can also ensure that the solar panels remain usable and versatile across a range of different home applications.

In short, solar panels generate electricity through sunlight. This electricity is converted, then either used immediately or stored in solar batteries for later.

If you want to know more about the solar panels we offer in Barking or the larger-scale systems we can produce, then talk to our experts.

We can break down the specifics of things like solar panel installation, solar inverter systems, and anything else that you might want to know about prior to beginning the installation process.

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Types of Solar Panels We Install

We carry a range of different types of solar PV panels that offer different methods of generating solar energy, as well as their own specific drawbacks and benefits.

While all solar panels do the same job, the specific kinds of solar PV panels you choose can have a major impact on your overall power generation, installation costs, and maintenance requirements.

While most solar panel designs are similar at a basic level, they are different enough to make the decision between them important. We offer multiple types of solar panels depending on the needs of each client, aiming to provide the best solar panel option for every single customer we get.

All types of solar PV panels in Barking vary in terms of efficiency. Some produce a lot more power than others at the cost of being more expensive or harder to maintain, while others produce less power but are a lot more affordable as a way to supplement your usual power costs. There is no “best” solar option out there – it all depends on what you personally want and need.

If you are not sure which solar panels would suit your situation best, do not hesitate to talk to our experts. We are more than happy to help guide new customers through the differences between panels, allowing them to find the right solar option for their property without needing to rely on snap judgements that might backfire on them.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Monocrystalline solar panels are considered to be the “original” solar panels and were the first widely-created solar panel type. These solar panels are made with single-crystal silicon solar cells cut from silicon bars that have been produced to a high standard of purity.

Using these high-purity cells allows these panels to produce a lot of excess energy, which generally translates to higher energy output.

How much energy you generate still depends on the installation details, but in a vacuum, these are by far the most powerful and reliable solar panels on the market.

The black, stylish appearance of monocrystalline solar panels also makes them a popular choice of solar panels for homeowners who care about their existing roof. These are usually a good choice for people who want a lot of power without breaking up the design of their roof.

Since these are some of the earliest solar panels on the market, they have become a standard by which to judge other panels.

Despite their age, they are still some of the most popular panels on the market in Barking and have earned a reputation for being a great first choice when it comes to getting solar energy systems for your property.

Being the general standard for solar PV panels, these can be an excellent choice for people with extra in the budget to spare. Monocrystalline panels are an ideal long-term investment, costing a lot upfront but paying for themselves very easily due to the amount of power they can generate.

Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

Polycrystalline solar panels, also known as multi-crystal panels, are a kind of balanced option that fits between both other major types. These are less efficient than monocrystalline solar panels but also tend to be more affordable as part of both small and large PV systems, making them a cheaper choice for most property owners.

These panels use multi-crystal solar cells made from many fragments of silicon and other relevant materials that have all been melted together.

This fragment method limits material waste and can be a lot more affordable, but also means that the panels themselves do not last quite as long and are not as efficient overall.

This is due to how the panels are designed. Using multiple cells made of fragments gives electrons less room to move, which lowers the energy produced under ideal perfect conditions.

This does not make them worthless, but it can still make them less effective than other, more unified photovoltaic systems.

However, the cheaper construction makes polycrystalline solar panels far cheaper than monocrystalline PV panels. As you might expect, this has turned them into a far cheaper way of getting solar energy systems for a home in Barking, even if they offer lower energy efficiency as a whole.

These polycrystalline panels are a middle-of-the-road choice that suits a lot of homes quite well, providing decent photovoltaic systems that can help supplement energy costs. Their more affordable nature makes them less of a huge first-time investment, which can be important for people who only have a limited budget to work with.

Thin Film Solar Panel

Thin-film solar panels are designed to be flexible and thin, as the name suggests. The cells in these panels are up to 300x thinner than those in most solar panels, and the panels themselves look more like a sheet than an actual defined panel shape. However, this comes with numerous core advantages.

These solar panels use multiple layers of semiconductor materials and at least one layer of glass on top, all of which are designed to help trap sunlight against the panel so that it can generate more energy. These panels put a huge focus on retaining their thin and flexible shape, which is the core advantage of using them.

In terms of downsides, many people look at thin film panels and assume that they are useless at first. They have poor energy efficiency, need to be repaired regularly, and need to be used in larger arrays if you want to generate a lot of excess electricity. This means that they are very lacking in terms of electricity generation, which can seem terrible on paper.

While this might make these solar panels sound like a direct downgrade to other options in Barking, they are actually much more of a niche tool.

What these panels lack in efficiency, they provide in flexibility, with the panels themselves being able to easily fit onto odd parts of a roof.

The advantage of thin film solar panels is that they can bend and flex over various angles, acting as a form-fitting panel for your roof. This makes them far more versatile and stylish compared to other solar panel types, which can be a huge benefit for property owners that want something more appealing or suited to their building’s aesthetics.

Which Type of Solar Panel is the Best?

The type of solar panels you choose can have a direct impact on the kind of results they offer, but there is not a single “best” type of solar panel to choose from.

Common sense is important, and most panels are designed for a specific use case. This means that some are more generalised while others are meant for one or two niche roles.

For example, if you want to install solar panels that can produce maximum power output in Barking, then monocrystalline solar panels are the most effective per panel. However, some homes may be better off with multiple polycrystalline panels or even a mixture of both.

As professional solar panel installers, we work hard to help clients find the solar panel system that suits their needs best. For some, this means maximum solar cell effectiveness, while others may want solar energy for cheaper prices or a specific design that looks great on the roof of their home.

How many solar panels you install also matters. A solar PV system can technically support as many panels as it has been designed to handle, which can make the choice even more complex. If green energy is your goal, it can be important to consider whether one expensive panel or multiple cheaper panels are a good trade-off for your situation.

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How Does Solar PV Work?

Solar PV systems are focused entirely on converting light into electricity. An average solar PV installation involves trying to achieve maximum power output by pointing the panels at areas where they will receive the most sunlight since direct sunlight is the only real thing that impacts the amount of solar energy they can gather.

This means that Barking solar panels work best in situations where they are under direct sunlight, pointed in a direction that will receive sunlight throughout the day, and complemented with a solar battery to store excess solar energy.

How these systems work depends on what the client’s exact needs are, as well as the number of panels used. As mentioned above, solar PV systems have varying power levels based on the kind of solar cell used.

However, regardless of size or project, solar panels convert sunlight into energy using the same general cell system. This means that it can be relatively easy to compare different panels based on their cell designs.

Note that solar panels can technically work as long as they get some sunlight. This does not have to be direct sunshine, and even cloud coverage will not stop them from working.

However, solar PV systems produce more power based on how much sunlight they get, so optimising the placement of a panel is best for maximum output.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic systems are made up of solar panels (modules) and solar cells. When the sun shines over these cells, and the electrical field charge is generated, it is stored or sent into the power grid (depending on the design of the system).

These cells continue to produce electricity until they are no longer getting any kind of sunlight.

Wiring together multiple modules (a “string”) effectively creates a larger solar panel, with the various panels all working together. This is what is known as an array – a larger collection of panels and systems meant for generating more power as a whole.

The power output of these systems in Barking can usually be read through monitoring systems, such as generation meters. These vary between different systems, but good solar panel installers like us know that it is important for clients to monitor their own system if they think that there may be some generation problems.


The inverter, as mentioned above, turns DC energy into AC energy. This is vital for creating grid electricity that can actually be used around your property. Unless they are being used for a highly specific project, solar systems always need an inverter. Otherwise, the renewable energy will not even be usable in a normal sense.

Inverter systems take in the DC output, convert it to AC, and then send it to a consumer unit through a miniature circuit breaker. This design generally includes a range of other safety features, such as isolators, to ensure that your renewable energy system will work as intended and is not going to break if it gets too much sunlight.

Most Barking homeowners do not generally need to reach the inverter, so it can be installed behind walls or in other cramped spaces. It needs to still be theoretically accessible but can still be covered up or placed in a less-used space, such as an attic.


If you have no place to store solar electricity in Barking, then you are relying on moment-to-moment generation. As soon as the sun goes down, your panels will not be generating power any more, and there will not be a buffer period since you have nothing stored.

Storing the renewable energy, you get from solar systems is often done via solar batteries. These allow you to store electricity for future use, either because you generated too much or because you are intentionally saving it for the right moment.

For example, many homeowners use renewable energy as a way to avoid the high energy costs of peak energy periods. Saving up on solar electricity can be a lot cheaper than paying the peak electricity bill for fossil fuels power, and storing it properly means that you will not lose it.


Solar panels allow you to export the excess energy generated by the system. As long as your system is set up in the right way, you can export your energy back to the national grid and be paid in return, which can go a long way towards compensating for your usual energy bills.

Selling back to the national grid is a good option for lowering energy prices and electricity bill woes, but it also allows you to get rid of the energy that you would not otherwise use. If you consistently have a surplus of energy, then exporting it can make you some extra money with no real work required.

Note that different systems handle this differently. If you are not using storage (or your storage is full), it is possible to have the system set up so that any excess goes straight to the national grid. You may also be able to choose whether you want to store energy or sell it immediately.

How are Solar Panels Installed?

As a professional Barking solar panel installer team, it is our job to get solar panel systems installed correctly. Solar PV installation can be complex, but working with expert solar panel installers like us saves clients from having to risk DIY attempts that could harm them or their homes.

The solar PV installation process is relatively straightforward on paper, but it involves a lot of specific tasks that can take plenty of time and effort to get right. This includes:

  1. Pre-planning: thinking about the specifics of what the client wants, how to achieve it, and any setbacks or issues that may become a problem.
  2. Measuring and marking out the install locations.
  3. Bolting on brackets and rails that can support the panels after installation.
  4. Attaching the panels to their rails in a safe and reliable manner to ensure that they do not fall off easily.
  5. Clipping and securing multiple panels together if they are all being used as part of the same array.
  6. Identifying easy ways to run cables into the house, especially to devices like the solar inverter.
  7. Setting up monitoring equipment and any other additions that the client needs.
  8. Checking and testing the system for any performance or safety issues that could pose a risk to the client or their property.

These are the basic steps, but the process itself is a lot more complex. Working with trustworthy solar panel installers is important for making sure that you are getting a reliable installation service.

Regardless of the project, solar installation can be tough. Whether it is the beginning of your solar journey or just the most recent home improvement project solar has been involved in, trying to DIY these panels can be a big risk.

How We Install Solar Panels

We tackle solar panel installation in Barking carefully, treating each project as bespoke. We understand that solar panels are fragile and hard to install, and use our skills to give clients a system that they are happy with.

The way we install solar panels changes depending on the kind of panels that we are working with since each home and system is going to be different in at least minor ways.

Our experts are able to figure out the perfect installation options for every situation, tackling unexpected problems and setbacks before they become major roadblocks.

Solar Panel Planning Permission Barking

Some solar panel systems may require you to seek permission before you can start installing them. This is especially true of tightly-packed residential areas.

We are able to help Barking clients get planning permission for their new solar systems, making sure that they get the permission they need to go ahead with the project.

However, this all depends on the kind of system that they are aiming for. Different legal limits or regulations might apply depending on the proposed solar array design.

Do you need planning permission for solar panels?

In most cases, a single solar panel is enough to fall under permitted development rights, meaning that you should not need planning permission.

Anything more than the most basic solar power system becomes far more complex, requiring planning permission before you can begin the work properly.

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Solar Panel Costs

The cost of solar panels in the UK can vary heavily based on the kind of panels that you are getting. Depending on the scale of the project, solar panels could be anything from relatively affordable to a large portion of your budget.

We work with all of our clients in Barking to help them find the ideal solar panel options for their situation – including their budget.

How much do solar panels cost?

The cost of each kind of solar panel can vary heavily. For example, a standard 250w solar panel can cost around £300-500, depending on the size of the panel.

Remember that solar panels might eventually pay for themselves through exported energy and/or cheap energy bills. In some cases, the long-term investment is worth it.

Are solar panels worth the investment?

Solar energy can be a great way to reduce your energy bills, earn some extra money through exporting and improve your carbon footprint. If you care about any of these three things, then solar is well worth it, although not everybody will want the exact same system.

Are solar panels worth it in 2024 UK?

Solar panels are especially useful now more than ever, with the government offering multiple grants and incentives to switch to renewable energy sources at both a domestic and commercial level.

What Is the Maintenance Cost of Solar Panels?

An average solar panel system only needs about £100 in repair costs per year. Of course, this depends on the panel – not all of them are as cheap to repair.

Home Solar Panels

Solar panels are ideal for Barking homeowners, cutting down on energy consumption and costs as a whole in your home.

Is my home suitable for solar panel installation?

Almost every home is suitable for solar power. The only important requirement is that your roof can actually have the panels positioned in a way that makes them work effectively.

Commercial Solar Panels

Solar panels can be a great addition to commercial businesses in Barking, reducing bills and opening up a way to sell energy for emergency cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install your own solar panels?

While you can technically install some solar panels yourself, panel installation is about more than DIY skills. Relying on the best solar panel installers you can find is a much safer route.

Can a house run on solar power alone?

In most cases, solar panels will not be enough to run your entire home. However, they can save costs on specific things, like space heating or electric vehicle charging.

Are there any grants for solar panels?

Any of the best solar panel companies that stick to the Renewable Energy Consumer Code and Microgeneration Certification Scheme will be eligible for government grants and benefits. There are also various other government grants that clients can enjoy themselves.

Is installing solar panels cheaper than electricity?

Installing panels is expensive up front, but they pay for themselves over time. They can also save costs on expensive electrical uses, like charging an electric vehicle.

What is the best time to install my new solar panels?

Installing solar panels before summer is the best way to ensure that you get the peak electrical generation weeks since summer has the longest days and brightest days.

When can I expect my electricity bill to go down after installing new solar panels?

Expect your energy bills to drop almost immediately after setting up a solar energy system.

Either way, it will take a while for your panels to pay for themselves.

How many solar panels do I need?

In general, it helps to get enough panels to fit the following formula:

Your household’s energy requirements multiplied by peak sunlight hours in your region divided by the panel’s wattage.

This is influenced by things like roof angle and shape since direct sunlight is the most important detail when measuring overall power generation.

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Whether you are looking for something to make charging your electric vehicle cheaper or just want to limit your environmental impact, we can set up a system that suits your needs.


We work hard to try and be one of the best solar companies on the market, offering our services in Barking.

If you need to know more details about our services or just want some clarification on key details, then our experts can guide you to the information you need to know.

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